“Three Rivers”

Ivanić Grad
County of Zagreb, Croatia

Our mission:  Promotion of haiku and short Japanese literature forms in the town of Ivanić Grad, the County of Zagreb and Republic of Croatia.
Our goal:  Connecting authors of short Japanese literature forms in Croatia and worldwide.

We received haiku by 98 authors from Croatia, France, Poland, Belgium, Kenya, Canada, Lithuania, Romania, USA, Greece, Germany, Australia, Russia, Nigeria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, India, Montenegro, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Ghana and Sweden.
Haiku was judged by Jim Kacian.


First Prize


roadside shrine
runner beans climbing up
Jesus’s  body

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă, Romania



Second Prize

a hole in the bean
the weevil’s
whole life
Vesna Lecher-Švarc, Croatia 



Third Prize

fleeing war . . .
in a child’s fist,

Meik Blöttenberger, USA 


Honorable Mentions (unranked):

after Jack’s story
my son pockets
some beans

Mercy Ikuri, Kenya



Beanpoles lean against
a cloud.
Volker Friebel, Germany



lentils and kidney beans
learning to count
in ones and tens

Simon Hanson, Australia



chickpea sowing
the sound
of winter wind
snow breath
the lentil soup

Ramesh Anand, Bengaluru, India



a handful of beans
before making a soup
granny foretells the future
Angel Dyulgerov, Bulgaria



even black beans
and rice remember battles . . .
moros y cristianos

Magdalena Banaszkiewicz, Poland

The 11th Pumpkin Festival...

The 11th Pumpkin Festival, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia, October 18-19, 2015

The blood donation haiku competition...

Croatian Institute for Transfusion Medicine, Zagreb and the Haiku Association “Three Rivers”, Ivanić Grad, Croatia organize an international competition for haiku.