frozen internet –

the attic grays of

a young mender


Grozdana Drašković, the author of the photograph:

This photo was taken several years ago. On that particular day, at the school where I work as a teacher, the classes were being held in the afternoon instead of the morning, due to the Christmas Festivities for the children. At home, I was watching the morning cloaked by a dense fog. And then suddenly, the fog lifted and everything was covered with frost. It was unbelievably beautiful. Happy to be free on such a morning, I rushed outside with my camera to photograph the scenes that left me breathless. This photograph was one of those I sent to the haiku poetess Silva Trstenjak, in order that she may use them as a basis for her haiku.



Silva Trstenjak, haiku poetess:

In the evening of that particular day our phone was out of order and I could not connect with the bank to pay some bills. Our internet was down. Having in mind that sometimes doing things in the mornings are smarter than in the evenings, I let it be. But, the morning did not bring the internet back. I could not solve the problem with the provider of internet and called a friend, an artisan for computers. Despite all his tries, he could not connect with the provider’s service people. So, he started his search for an error, checking the hardware, re-setting the router. But, alas, no success. Then he went in the yard to inspect the wires, which were orderly attached to the house. I was amazed with his patience. With the help of a ladder, he climbed up into the attics. There he diagnosed all the wires are intact and everything was well.

When he returned to the kitchen, he was brushing off a thick layer of cobwebs from his shoulders and his black hair.

A photograph by Grozdana Drašković had been on my computer screen for some time as I had admired it particularly for being attractive, even unusually beautiful and peaceful. Suddenly, when my friend showed up in my kitchen with all those cobwebs, I connected this vision with the photograph and to my excitement there it was….a haiku/hajga has been created!