a windless noon
vibrant wings sowing
the dandelion seeds

At noon I was in the meadow, with no breeze at all. I stopped for a while, not to disturb the harmony of nature. Merged with the environment I inhaled the fragrance of the warm and wet earth, young grasses and flowers. I was surrounded by the sound of a bell from a distant village belfry mixed with the buzzing of the bees. Suddenly, a lark took off, it stopped for a while hovering in the air, tweeting its song. When it leaned over the dandelion clocks, the movement of its wings scattered the seedheads, just like tiny parachutes, over the lawn.
Several weeks later, my girlfriend was showing me her flower garden which she was very proud of when I experienced a deja vu – a flower in the shape of a bird in flight reminded me of the lark, “sowing” the dandelion seeds in the meadow.

Nina Kovačić